Meet the Optometrists

  • Dr.
    Jaime Falco

    Dr. Jaime Falco graduated from the Indiana University School of Optometry in 2009.  During her ten years of practice she has performed over 25,000 contact lens fits of all different types.  Dr. Falco has extensive experience in primary care optometry and medical management of many conditions including dry eye disease, glaucoma, and macular degeneration.  She enjoys working with pediatric, geriatric, low vision, and special needs patients. 

    In addition to practicing optometry full time Dr. Falco also works as a consultant to companies like Alcon and Bauch and Lomb, helping to develop and market innovative new contact lens technologies.  Unique to this field, she also offers nutritional and lifestyle counseling as a courtesy to her patients. 

    When she’s not working, Dr. Falco enjoys seeking out adventures; she has a passion for travel, nature photography, and ecotourism. 

  • Dr.
    Israel Plasner

    Dr. Israel Plasner is one of the founders of Green Brook Vision.  Dr. Plasner has been in private practice for over 40 years, having graduated in 1973 from the Pennsylvania College of Optometry.  Dr. Plasner has extensive experience with a wide variety of contact lens fits.  He continues to see patients part time, and has had the pleasure of caring for some as long as 45 years!

    In his free time you can find Dr. Plasner biking, playing tennis, skiing, and spending time at the Jersey shore with his wife and three grandsons.

  • Dr.
    Jeffrey Ruffo

    Dr. Jeffrey Ruffo is Dr. Plasner's long time business partner and friend.  Dr. Ruffo is also a founding member of Green Brook Vision.  He retired in 2012.


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